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Yovanna Gonzalez


Bilingual Program Specialist

Yovanna grew up in a Latiné family that avoided conversations about sex, gender, and sexuality. She was often left to her own devices to find trusted adults, sexual health resources, and information. Early on, Yovanna realized the taboo that existed surrounding sexual and reproductive conversations in her community. This only interested her more in learning from trusted resources about sexual health.

Driven by her commitment to represent and uplift her community, Yovanna earned her B.S in Public Health at San Jose State University. She is most proud about her project, “Vamos a Oaxaca” in which she worked alongside indigenous local leaders and artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico to support their community-driven projects. During this project, Yovanna and a group of students helped facilitate a class about LGBTQ+ representation and diversity in the pueblo. Engaging in this conversation alongside other indigenous Mexican people, such as herself, sparked her passion for creating these conversations in the U.S.

As a Health Educator and Health Service Specialist I (HSS I) for Planned Parenthood MarMonte, Yovanna created a teaching style that is adaptive, inclusive, and culturally-humble. In both roles, Yovanna had the privilege to work with Latiné communities, connecting them to resources and having conversations about reproductive health. Yovanna and her mother now have long conversations about sexual and reproductive health.

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