Sarah Soto

Director of Community Engagement

As Sarah grew up she wanted to be a renaissance woman – an artist, athlete, scientist – constantly exposing herself to all of her interests. Throughout her life, and even as she encountered challenges, she received unwavering support and encouragement from her family, friends, teachers, and the larger community – all helping to shape who she is today.

She has seen first-hand the immense potential each young person innately holds, but recognized at an early age that not all youth have the opportunities or the support to engage in their curiosities. The ability to empower youth and to help shape future generations deeply resonated with Sarah. As an adult she decided to pursue a career in nonprofits with missions that support young people. Sarah enjoys being part of a team that is creating important opportunities for youth to exercise their potential by helping to connect others to our work.

Sarah, a Bay Area native, received an MBA from San Francisco State University and a BS in Applied Ecology from UC Irvine. The thing that brings the most joy to Sarah are moments of shared laughter with family and friends, especially when food is involved.