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Sandra Sotiriadis


Director of Curriculum

The seeds of Sandra’s interest and passion for sexuality education were planted the moment she stepped foot on her college campus. A brief and memorable encounter with San Francisco State’s infamous Sexual Health PEACHes (Peer Educators Advocating Campus Health), and she was hooked. As an undergraduate student, Sandra volunteered with PEACH and Peer Health Exchange, where she realized her passion and skill for sexual health education and gained her first experience teaching in public schools. Sandra also spent 4 years as a teaching assistant for local sexuality educator extraordinaire Ivy Chen.

Sandra joined Health Connected as an intern in 2014, and was hired as a Health Education Specialist shortly thereafter. She holds a BS in Community-Based Health Education with a minor in Sexuality Studies, as well as a Master’s in Sexuality Studies from SFSU. Today, Sandra provides Health Connected with invaluable insights based on her background of public health as well as gender and queer studies. Sandra’s Master’s thesis, Out of the Box, analyzed nearly 7,000 anonymous questions from students in our Puberty Talk and Teen Talk courses. The exploratory study provided an exclusive insight into the minds of young people as they explore their curiosities and gain a deeper understanding of sexuality.

When she’s not educating youth, Sandra loves going to the beach in Santa Cruz and swimming with her pitbull Casey. She is also pursuing a teaching credential; her goal is to become a high school health teacher and develop a comprehensive health curriculum as thorough and inclusive as Health Connected’s. Sandra is committed to helping young people make sense of themselves and the complex world around them.

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