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Perryn Reis


Associate Director

After nearly 30 years in the field of sexual and reproductive health, Perryn’s work began as a young woman training to become a doula. Supporting women at a public Bay Area hospital, Perryn was called in by hospital personnel to support an 18 year-old woman in active labor, who was terrified and completely uninformed about her body and the birthing process she was experiencing.

As she educated, comforted and advocated for this young woman until her baby was born, Perryn realized how important it is for people of all ages to be educated about their bodies and confident in advocating for their own health. Often these are topics that adults don’t feel prepared to discuss with adolescents and young adults.

Since then, Perryn has dedicated her life to equipping both adults and youth with the skills they need to have these conversations. She is one of the lead authors of all five of Health Connected’s proprietary curricula, including the latest for students with special learning challenges, Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities. She oversees all agency programs and program staff. Perryn offers trainings and technical assistance throughout California, offering thousands of education professionals the knowledge needed to provide their students high-quality sexual health education. Perryn regularly shares her expertise speaking at conferences throughout California and the United States.

Perryn earned a BA from Wesleyan University and completed her thesis in Peru. She is fluent in Spanish and enjoys working with Spanish-speaking youth and their families, as well as with students in special education classes. She is currently assisting with the development of a sixth curriculum for youth facing higher levels of adversity—including adjudicated youth and young people in foster care.

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