Patricia Suma

CA Reproductive Health Equity Project Specialist

Originally from Peru, Patricia first became aware of the importance of integrating both empathy and communication in her career path as a high school student in Michigan, when she joined a peer-led group that helps students through issues related to mental health, academic stress, family problems, and substance abuse.

As a freshman in college, Patricia performed with a peer-led collective that educated college students on safe-sex, consent, and healthy relationships. She later co-founded Project Suyana, a non-profit organization that collaborates with rural Peruvian communities to improve understanding to barriers of health. Patricia also served as a bilingual instructional assistant and classroom aide for grades 6-12th, where she discovered her passion for teaching and advocacy.

During graduate school, Patricia worked with the Bustamante Lab to study maternal health in Peru in collaboration with the Ministry of Health of Peru. Patricia volunteered at Arbor Free Clinics and carried out clinical rotations at Stanford Hospitals and Clinics. In these roles, working with patients from diverse backgrounds, she realized her passion for health education and community outreach.

A professional dancer, Patricia has taught dance classes throughout the United States and in Japan. While at Stanford, Patricia married her passions for health and the arts through a series of classes and performance opportunities.

At Health Connected, Patricia hopes to empower youth by cultivating strength and compassion, autonomy, self-confidence, and self-love so that they may feel confident in expressing their values and make healthy choices throughout their lives. Patricia holds a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from the University of Michigan and a Master of Science in Medicine from Stanford University.