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Natalie Phillips


Youth Engagement Coordinator & Senior Health Educator

As a teenager in the Bay Area, Natalie was passionate about reproductive rights and loved answering her friends’ questions about sexual health. However, her interest in teaching sex ed didn’t solidify until she took a student-taught sex ed class her first semester at Oberlin College and was stunned to realize how much she had to learn.

Excited, Natalie went on to intern with Planned Parenthood’s education department, which led her to choose to major in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies with a concentration in Education Studies. While completing her degree, Natalie worked as a peer consent educator and a reading tutor with third-grade students. After graduating, Natalie returned to Oakland and took Health Connected’s Teen Talk training, which she used to develop and teach a consent education curriculum for Piedmont Middle School, while also working as a barista and nanny.

Natalie could talk for hours about LGBTQ+ history, young adult literature, and the intersections of reproductive, racial, and environmental justice. She also loves drawing, camping, and watching makeup tutorials on YouTube.

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