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Momo Hoshi


Graphic Specialist

Momo holds two bachelor’s degrees from Stanford University, one in Music and the other in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. Now a Health Educator at Health Connected, Momo has always shown an aptitude for teaching. Momo’s roots in facilitating communication amongst her peers can be traced to middle school. That interest continued during her time at Stanford, where Momo gained valuable experience serving as both a Peer Health Educator and a Consent & Communication workshop facilitator.

The world of community health promotion aligned perfectly with Momo's "jack of all trades" tendencies - taking an intersectional and holistic approach to promoting youths’ well-being. Examining the nuanced ways that factors such as race, music, gender, history, psychology, biology, and anthropology collide in complex, beautiful ways became the theme of Momo's life. Specifically, Momo is deeply invested in topics such as alternative forms of therapy (art therapy, hip-hop therapy, yoga therapy, dance therapy, animal therapy, etc.), trauma-centered and trauma-informed work, and restorative justice frameworks.

Today, Momo is committed to increasing young people’s access to accurate information so that they feel supported in making informed decisions regarding their own health. By encouraging adolescents to be curious about their own identities, as well as to be open to learning about others’ experiences, Momo hopes to empower youth to be agents of positive change.

Momo enjoys playing oboe or baritone saxophone with friends and community, playing with her feline childhood friends Cafe Mocha and Biscotti, or making watercolor art. She hopes to take up aerial fabric classes, become proficient at clarinet, and take lessons in jazz vocals.

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