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Mariana Canales


Health Education Specialist

Mariana graduated from San Jose State University with a bachelor’s in public health and is currently studying for her masters degree in public health. After she gets her masters, she wants to be more involved with the community and help bring about equity.

Sexual health has always been a taboo in Mariana’s family because of religion. Even until this day it is still a very delicate subject because of old Hispanic customs and devoted Catholic thinking. Growing up, Mariana learned about sexual health through her friends, experiences, Google, and a little bit in sex education. The only downside from the sex ed class that she took in high school was that it was broad, confusing, and not inclusive. Working with many schools, Mariana saw the difference in education that many of the children obtained. She strongly believes that every child should have equal opportunities in receiving a proper education, obtaining resources that are needed, and receive an inclusive sex education.

Mariana enjoys going to the gym, gardening, running, hiking, eating, and trying different things. Currently she is learning how to do “wood burning”. You can find her at a donut shop or somewhere where sweets are sold and displayed. She loves them all.

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