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Kehau Gunderson


Training Manager & CA RHEP Specialist

Starting at Stanford University at just age 16, classes like Adolescent Sexuality and Adolescent Mental Health weren’t just fun and exciting to attend but also covered topics personally relevant to her. Until then, Kehau had never received any sexual health education, but her curiosity and drive for knowledge always kept her up-to-date on sexual health related issues. Her collegiate focus eventually changed from surgery to addressing issues faced by young people in our society. She became a counselor for the Stanford Medical Youth Science Program, encouraging and supporting underprivileged youth in their pursuit of careers in medicine before becoming an educator for Health Connected. While at Health Connected, Kehau’s interest in working with youth in court and community schools has blossomed, and she is thankful to continue work with teacher trainings to extend the reach of Health Connected’s work to other communities.

Kehau received her BA in Human Biology in 2012 with a concentration in Adolescent Development and Mental Health. She has recently moved back to her home island of Oahu, Hawai’i where she spends her time surfing, hiking, and catching as many beach sunsets as possible.

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