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Katie Reeder


Instructional Services Coordinator & Senior Health Educator

Katie knew from an early age that she wanted to spend all day every day talking about relationships, feelings, and the nuance of being human. Through her work in education and advocacy, she strives to reduce social stigma and shame around bodies and sex, and she dreams of the day when Comprehensive Sexual Health Education becomes our universal standard.

Before consent was a mainstream concept, she was teaching Sexual Decision-Making workshops and making waves at her university shining light on unaddressed issues of sexual misconduct and violence on campus. Today, she volunteers with BAWAR, supporting Bay Area survivors with trauma-informed and strengths-based support. She has a degree in Gender and Sexuality Studies and Art History with a concentration in Feminist Art from Tufts University.

She can often be found writing poetry, facilitating Women’s Circles, cooking, and crafting late into the night. She is a proud native of Oakland, California, where she lives with her calico cat, Ursula.

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