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Julia Laden


Health Education Specialist

Growing up in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Julia vividly remembers the reddening cheeks and hushed giggles of classmates whenever sexual and reproductive health was presented in her own elementary school classroom. These early conversations later turned into a strong interest in finding ways to discuss the seemingly undiscussable.

Julia graduated from Denison University with a degree in Psychology and Women & Gender Studies, two disciplines that allowed her to better understand the world. Through Psychology, Julia explored the ways we as humans relate, whereas Women & Gender Studies showed her these relationships through the lens of a socially built axis of power. From interning in the Gender and Sexuality Development Clinic at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, to teaching English in an elementary school in the Canary Islands, Julia is passionate about connecting with youth, tuning into their life stories, and supporting them in forming self advocacy skills.

Julia is honored to be a part of the Health Connected team, and holds a special excitement for facilitating the Teen Talk Adapted for All Abilities curriculum.

In her free time, Julia can be found taking dance classes, exploring local coffee shops, or searching the racks of antique stores for hidden treasures.

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