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Julia Cunningham


Health Education Specialist

In her senior year of high school, Julia took a human biology class at her local community college and realized something was desperately wrong. In an hour-and-a-half lecture about the reproductive system, she received a more comprehensive sexual health education than she had in her 12 years of primary public schooling. Her experience sparked a curiosity, which developed into a passion for sexual health education.

Julia further explored this newly found passion by joining the Sexual Health Education Program at her alma mater, U.C. Berkeley, where she could learn and educate her peers about essential health information that many missed out on in their primary schooling. Being able to facilitate workshops, counsel her peers, and shout “Free condoms!” on Sproul Plaza make up her favorite memories of college.

She is so excited to be a part of the Health Connected team and to have the opportunity to give younger students the sexual health education that she wishes she had. When she is not in the classroom, Julia is probably crocheting, watching a movie, or making progress on her mission to find the best thrift store in the Bay Area!

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