Jasmine Mueller-Hsia

Jasmine Mueller-Hsia

Health Educator

Jasmine believes that a happy, healthy society begins with supporting our youth. This means providing young people with accurate and non-judgmental information, and helping them develop skills for communication and healthy relationships. As a teenager, Jasmine felt that her own sex ed, which consisted of an anatomy lesson and a slideshow about STIs, was missing so much. What about how to talk to a crush or the ways her body was changing? In college, at Stanford University, Jasmine became a peer counselor and sexual health educator on campus. She also began volunteering in elementary and high school classrooms to talk about health and healthy relationships. These experiences changed everything. Jasmine vividly remembers conversations on topics ranging from gender stereotypes to consent to healthy relationships. The students always blew her away with their thoughtful observations and eagerness to learn. She decided to focus her career on working with people around health and sexuality.

Jasmine grew up in Flagstaff, AZ. She earned her BA with Honors in Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, with a concentration in Queer Studies. She also works as a Behavior Specialist with children who have autism. Jasmine dreams of someday using her experience to help bring comprehensive sexual health education to her home state of Arizona.




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