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DaShanna Jones-Miles


Human Resources Manager

DaShanna Jones-Miles has been with Health Connected since 2015, and has served more than 5,000 Bay Area students since that time. Her passion for health education and equity stems from her own high school experience and the realization that teens face overwhelming barriers in staying true to their own values, in a culture that is often unaccepting of nonconformity.

Recognizing that too often teens don’t have a safe platform from which to use their voice, she was inspired to make a change. Upon entering her freshman year of college, DaShanna joined the Peer Health Education program where she worked to increase campus awareness around sexual health issues to empower her peers to use their voice.

Prior to joining Health Connected, DaShanna worked with formerly homeless children and families as a case manager and children's program coordinator for Abode Services of Alameda County. She also served pregnant and parenting teens as a health educator and case manager for Planned Parenthood. She has a deep commitment to working with diverse and marginalized populations, decreasing health disparities, creating safe spaces for individuals to learn and ask questions, and is dedicated to promoting positive health outcomes within communities.

In spring 2018, DaShanna earned a master’s degree in the field of Education and Human Development from George Washington University with the hope of making a continued and increased contribution to the fields of adolescent sexual health and women’s reproductive health. DaShanna holds a BS in Health Science and a minor in Psychology from San Jose State University. She is a proud (and rare) native of San Francisco.

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