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Danielle Camegla


Health Education Specialist

Danielle studied Public Health as she is a recent alumna from San Jose State University. With obtaining her BS in Public Health, Danielle wanted to further expand within her Public Health career in getting more involved within the community when it comes to sexual education and relationships through the programs that Health Connected has to offer. While identifying as a Filipino American with immigrant parents, having “the talk” was looked down upon as her parents didn’t see a purpose in why these topics needed to be discussed, thus leading to important conversations being neglected. With the understanding of social determinants of health and how one’s environment can impact an individuals’ knowledge and resources given – Danielle’s goal is to outreach towards the younger generation to demonstrate how to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. She wants to focus on individuals identifying their self worth and value by letting their voices be heard without feeling like society will influence their decision through the various workshops and activities provided by Health Connected.

In her free time, Danielle enjoys attending concerts, going to the gym, playing video games, and catching up with friends. She also loves going on spontaneous adventures and visiting her family at her hometown in Tracy, CA.

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