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Cyril So


Administration Coordinator

Cyril is a San Francisco Bay Area native and grew up just steps away from where she now works at Health Connected. As a student in the Redwood City School District, she participated in both Health Connected's Teen Talk Middle School and Teen Talk High School through which she gained a strong foundation of how to care for her own sexual health. As she progressed in college, she was unsure of what career path to pursue. It wasn’t until her junior year when someone suggested public health, that she was introduced to the field. She signed up.

Shortly thereafter, she joined Peer Health Exchange, an organization that trains college students to educate their peers about sexual health topics. Not yet confident in her public speaking skills, she was overwhelmed by the idea of presenting to her peers. But, as soon as she stepped into her first class of 30 students, she realized her passion and aptitude for teaching. She was motivated to empower young people through education and ensure they were receiving credible and accurate information about their overall well-being.

Cyril would go on to hold an internship at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles, teaching youth of all ages in Los Angeles Unified School District, before earning her Bachelor of Science degree and returning to the Bay Area. Today, Cyril continues to feed her passion for empowering youth as a Health Educator at Health Connected.

Cyril is a Sequoia High School alumni and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health from California State University, Northridge. She enjoys riding her motorcycle named, "Peppa the Pig" and playing Mario Kart 8 with her siblings. She plans on pursuing a master's degree and hopes to continue impacting young people’s lives in her community.

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