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Amanda Wucher-Onorato


Family Engagement Manager

Amanda graduated from Santa Clara University with a B.A. in Communication and Italian Studies and is currently working towards receiving her Health and Well-Being Coaching certificate at Duke University. Once she completes her training, she is looking forward to starting a private practice during her off hours where she aims to serve those with the often-sexual health-related condition of Endometriosis.

Amanda cares deeply about young people having access to information that can help them make informed choices about their bodies. She believes that knowing how one’s body works with its various cycles and capabilities enables one to have a close relationship with their body, helping one be better able to attend to its needs. She understands this importance as sexuality-related shame can put up a barrier between living in integrity with one’s body. When thinking back on the Sex Ed she received through school, Amanda remembers learning the content a whopping total of 4 times- In 4th, 8th, 9th, and 12th grade. Amanda considers this to be a huge plus because, with each subsequent Sex Ed class, she felt more comfortable and confident with the material and how to apply it to her life.

For Amanda, a day isn’t complete without going on a neighborhood walk with her husband, visiting or FaceTime her family and friends, reading, and practicing meditation three times a day.

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