AJ Maxine (they/he)

Health Education Specialist

Sexual health resources are historically sparse for LGBTQIA2S+ and/or disabled teenagers, especially for teens at the intersections of multiple oppressed identities. AJ envisions a future of sexual health education where teens are provided resources that are culturally competent and address "taboo" topics such as fatphobia, gender expansiveness, disability and sex, mental wellness, and a harm-reductionist approach to drug use. AJ believes the concept of consent is key when teaching sexual health, and they deeply value open communication.

AJ has a background in caregiving and mental health care. AJ worked as a Residential Youth Counselor at a therapeutic group home (STRTP) for teenagers in the foster care system. AJ has also been a caregiver for a disabled family member. From these experiences, AJ has realized the value of community healing and trauma-informed care. AJ studied Creative Writing and Hispanic Studies at Oberlin College, and while in school, he worked in the Oberlin College Writing Center, tutoring students on academic and creative writing. While in undergrad, AJ took a student-taught course entitled "SexCo" which ignited their passion for sexual education. This course discussed consent, pleasure, privilege/oppression and intersecting identities, sexualized violence, and sexual safety, among many topics.

Outside of work, AJ enjoys roller blading, listening to and creating music, and going on adventures with their dog, Davi.