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Abigail Karlin-Resnick

Executive Director

Abigail Karlin-Resnick is the Executive Director of Health Connected. Abi has worked in youth development and education for 20 years. She began her career in Chicago, coordinating programs for underserved youth in the Uptown and Washington Park...


Cyril So

Senior Health Educator

Cyril is a San Francisco Bay Area native and grew up just steps away from where she now works at Health Connected. As a student in the Redwood City School District, she participated in both Health Connected's Teen Talk Middle School and Teen Talk High School...


Hannah Brown

Senior Health Educator & Social Media Coordinator

An alumna of UC Santa Barbara, Hannah earned degrees in Feminist Studies (BA) and Spanish (BA), focusing her studies on the intersections between race, gender and sexuality...


Kehau Gunderson

Senior Health Educator

Starting at Stanford University at just age 16, classes like Adolescent Sexuality and Adolescent Mental Health weren’t just fun and exciting to attend but also covered topics personally relevant to her...


Nickolas Sumpter

Health Educator

The excitement on the faces of Nickolas’ university peers after learning their STI status - some of them for the first time - at a health event he organized, solidified his interest in pursuing Health Promotion as his career path...


Sandra Sotiriadis

Curriculum & Training Manager, Senior Health Educator

The seeds of Sandra’s interest and passion for sexuality education were planted the moment she stepped foot on her college campus. A brief and memorable encounter with San Francisco State’s infamous Sexual Health PEACHes (Peer Educators Advocating Campus Health), and she was hooked...


Arjun Sheth

Health Educator

Having never himself finished “the talk” when he was a kid, Arjun made it his goal to help deliver that conversation to other people through a marriage of the arts and classroom education. At Stanford, he studied Theater and Human Biology, concentrating in Gender, Sexuality, and Development...


DaShanna Jones-Miles

Program and Operations Manager

DaShanna Jones-Miles has been with Health Connected since 2015, and has served more than 5,000 Bay Area students since that time. Ms. Jones’ passion for health education and equity stems from her own high school experience and...


Hannah Lopez

Learning & Evaluation Manager

Raised in California’s Central Valley, Hannah Lopez was drawn to the dynamic field of health education at a very young age. Her passion for youth advocacy and empowerment emerged in high school when she took a role as a peer educator for a teen relationship...


Momo Hoshi

Senior Health Educator & Graphic Specialist

Momo holds two bachelor’s degrees from Stanford University, one in Music and the other in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. Now a Health Educator at Health Connected, Momo has always shown an aptitude for teaching...


Patricia Suma

CA Reproductive Health Equity Project Specialist

Originally from Peru, Patricia first became aware of the importance of integrating both empathy and communication in her career path as a high school student in Michigan, when she joined a peer-led group that helps students...


Sarah Soto

Director of Community Engagement

As Sarah grew up she wanted to be a renaissance woman – an artist, athlete, scientist – constantly exposing herself to all of her interests. Throughout her life and even as she encountered challenges, she received unwavering support and encouragement from...


Avry Schellenbach

Youth Services Manager and Lead Trainer

Learning to navigate relationships is not always common sense. Only after joining the Sexual Health Education Program at UC Berkeley, did Avry understand what a healthy relationship looked like. Since then, she has devoted her time to helping others gain a heightened...


DeAnna Quan

Special Education Manager & Senior Health Educator

Navigating the teen years without being able to discuss sexuality openly can be challenging. For DeAnna, topics around sex and relationships were taboo in her community, leaving her without vital resources and information. It wasn’t until years later when...


Justin Balido

Senior Health Educator

Originally from Southern California, Justin moved to the Bay for school, and has been here ever since! In college Justin saw how health and academic success were so closely intertwined...


Natalie Phillips

Health Education Specialist

As a teenager in the Bay Area, Natalie was passionate about reproductive rights and loved answering her friends’ questions about sexual health. However, her interest in teaching sex ed didn’t solidify until she took a student-taught sex ed class...


Perryn Reis

Associate Director

After nearly 30 years in the field of sexual and reproductive health, Perryn’s work began as a young woman training to become a doula. Supporting women at a public Bay Area hospital, Perryn was called in by hospital personnel to support an 18 year-old woman...


Vanessa Kellam

Parent Engagement Manager

Vanessa Kellam has a Bachelor of Education from Deakin University, Australia. She taught Health and Human Development to high school students for many years before specializing in sexual health education. Vanessa has been working with children and their families...




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