Puberty Talk Workshop Series (Online)
Ages 10-11


Puberty Talk Workshop Series is a 5-day workshop series that offers children of all genders the opportunity to learn more about themselves and the changes they may experience during puberty. Participants will be engaged through a combination of interactive, live webinars and at-home learning. This workshop series will cover sexual health topics ranging from anatomy and body changes, to menstruation and conception, as well as promoting communication with parents and other trusted adults as children grow. Our team of health educators will bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to ensure a positive and safe experience. 


Included in this workshop series:

  • Five 60-minute interactive webinars with Q&A

  • A Parent Information Session

  • Access to a unique Google Site with lots of fun activities





Information Session for Parents and Guardians
Learn about the Puberty Talk Workshop Series. In this webinar we will discuss the format, content, schedule, and how parents/guardians can be involved in this important learning. We will also have time for Q&A and discussion.



Supplemental Puberty Talk Google Site 
In addition to the live webinars, youth and their parents are invited to explore our Puberty Talk Google Site made just for this series! The Google Site will have additional follow-up activities and videos as well as a variety of resources for parents. In order to access the Google Site, each parent/youth or both will need to provide a Google-linked email address. This could be a personal Gmail address. If you do not have a Gmail, you can follow these simple steps to link any existing email to a Google account.


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