Puberty Talk


Health Connected's Puberty Talk curriculum is a comprehensive sexuality education curriculum designed to educate 5th and 6th grade students about sexuality, sexual health, and the changes that 10-13 year olds face during puberty. This sequential, 5 session curriculum is intended to be delivered over the course of one week. In 2016, Puberty Talk was completely revised to meet new requirements in the CA Education Code, provide a new user-friendly design, and includes additional activities.

Core components of the Puberty Talk curriculum include:


  • Consists of 5 sessions intended to be taught for a minimum of 5 hours (over 1 week)

  • Establishes a foundation and common language for communicating about sexual health with parents/trusted adults, peers, and partners

  • Helps students identify resources (e.g., parents/trusted adults, school personnel, health care providers)

  • Incorporates parent/trusted adult interview homework assignment on puberty topics

  • Encourages parent and trusted adult communication

  • Gender inclusive language

  • Check out our FAQs for Puberty Talk to learn even more