A 5th grade student raising his hand to participate in our puberty education program.
A Puberty Talk curriculum activity on the social, emotional, and physical changes that occur during puberty.
A student's completed "Taking Care of Me" worksheet on self care and hygiene.

Youth Services for Grades 5 & 6


Puberty can be a challenging stage of life - we want to ensure young people have the support they need to feel confident and prepared. That's why we've developed our in-school Youth Services Program for Grades 5 & 6 - to educate students about the many physical, mental, and emotional changes that can accompany the pre-teen years.



This program helps students:


  • Understand and feel more comfortable with the physical, mental and emotional  changes they are experiencing

  • Increase their skills to communicate amongst peers about body development, sexual safety, and bullying

  • Build a foundation for talking to trusted adults about the challenges of adolescence and sexual health topics that lasts a lifetime

Health Connected's highly trained educators deliver our original, age-appropriate Puberty Talk Curriculum during school time in either English or Spanish, usually in five 50-60 minute class session over the course of one week.  What do we cover in Puberty Talk? Take a look below. 

  • Identifying personal values

  • Reproductive anatomy

  • Puberty changes

  • Healthy Body Image

  • Family Communication

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Ovulation, menstruation, & conception


  • Sexual Orientation & gender identity 

  • Sexual safety

Unique aspects of our Youth Services Program for Grades 5 & 6 are the focus on personal values, and the promotion of parent-child communication about sexual health themes. The program delivers core concepts to prepare students for puberty today, and for future sex education as they grow. It also provides vital tools to help youth develop ethical relationships - for a lifetime - that are rooted in respect.


As with all of Health Connected's youth services, this program is medically accurate, bias-free, and is aligned with the California Healthy Youth Act.


Bring our Youth Services Program for Grades 5 & 6 to your school.


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