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CA Health Content Standards



The California Health Content Standards were adopted in 2008 by the California Department of Education as one of many ways to ensure all public school students are equipped, well-performing young people who mature into healthy, productive adults. 


Today, the road to good health can seem increasingly challenging for many Californians. One in 7 Californians are now living with diabetes, sexually transmitted infections are at all-time highs; and asthma continues to impede students' class attendance. It is vital we provide youth the education they need to manage their health today and to prevent negative health conditions as they mature. Comprehensive health education can help young people achieve this, and aid them in realizing their academic potential. 


The Health Education Content Standards for California public schools grades K-12 provide administrators, teachers, and support staff guidance on the essential skills and knowl­­edge that students should have at each grade level. Recognizing the significant impact student health has on academic performance, educators are encouraged to utilize these standards when developing curricular and instructional strategies for all health and interdisciplinary topic areas. All of Health Connected's curricula are aligned with the state's Health Education Content Standards. 


Have more questions about the Health Education Content Standards? Read through them here. 

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